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MO Corner


The MO Report forms have changed from those that were used in previous seasons.The changes are aimed at keeping our reports in line with new requirements and also offer a uniform layout for all referee levels. Our aim is to develop a more uniform feedback report from the match observers (advisers & coaches) for referees at all levels.

There are 3 forms and only these should be used for reports.You will see on page 1 of all forms that there are some highlighted tick boxes in the challenge of the match. The idea is for the MO to tick the main challenges that the game watched gave the referee and this should target his written comments for the challenge. Obviously if there are other challenges that did have an effect on the referee’s performance they should be included within the written comments.

​Entry level & MOT report form level 14-10+0
Entry level & MOT report form level 14-10+0
This form has three uses;
​1 - for the new referees and should be used for entry level up to level 10,
2 - this form can also be used for the MOT reports. This form concentrates on the main basic’s that we look for with the new referees and it is also relevant for the MOT where we are looking for the basics and is the referee still competent for the level being covered.
3 - it should be used when an active referee is appointed to watch another referee.  It also has the benefit of being straight forward and quick too complete.

If either a lower level referee shows potential to progress quickly, or the MOT requires more detail, the regional form should be used.

​Adviser / coach report form level 10+1-8+0
Adviser / coach report form level 10+1-8+0
​The only difference from the form used last season within the regional form is the bullet points at the top of the challenge section. The regional form should be used for levels 10+1 to 8+0 and it does follow the format for advising the referee who does not have an active coach. The development and training of our referee’s is most important and from both management and A&G there is request that coaches should submit their reports to the referee’s using the regional form, as this will aid a more consistent feedback format to the referee and grading committee. This form shold also be used for Internal exchanges.

​​Premier & Development report form level 8+1-6+1
Premier & Development report form level 8+1-6+1
​For referees from level 8+1 to 6+1 there is now an assessment form which aims to keep the feedback more detailed and it has had the management section and potential removed as these will be covered in the appropriate detailed sections for management and technical. For referees operating at these higher levels it is the intention of the society to have a coach for each referee and it is not the job of the assessor to make any coaching comments. This form should also be used External exchanges and Premier MOTs.

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