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Midweek Region

Welcome to the Midweek Region, which provides officials to ALL games played on Monday to Friday.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, or either of the below for any further information.

John Payton

Midweek Region Manager

07900 240697

Appointment/Re-Appointment Contacts:

Re-Appointments (< 7 days of game)
All Midweek Fixs - 0208 404 3986

Appointments (>=7 days before game)

All Midweek Fixs - 07900 240697 John Payton

Appointments Manager John Payton 07900 240697
Re-Appointments Simon Ambler 07802 182299
Re-Appointments Kelvin Pryer 07957 363558
Re-Appointments Mark Costello 07960 612494
The below shows fixtures in Region for the next month. The list shows fixtures where appointments have been made and confirmed by the official, and those games that are currently un-appointed.

For Clubs, there are a number of reasons why your fixture is not shown here:
•     fixture is not on WTR
•     fixture is not in the next month
•     an appointment has been made, but the referee has not yet confirmed acceptance. Once a referee has confirmed, the fixture will be listed
•     the fixture is being appointed to by another region - e.g. SEG (for Level 5), Premier List (for Level 6/7), Midweek (for games on Monday to Friday) etc.

If you will need to login to WhosTheRef (WTR), click here. Please refer to the Referee Notification email for contact details for the referee. Referees yet to confirm their acceptance are shown with * below.
All Re-Appointments 0208 404 3986
Links to fixtures in other Regions: Midweek North Premier South East South West West
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