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LSRFUR is broadly geographically split into 4 regions - North, South East, West and South West - with each region responsible for providing referees to rugby clubs in their area. Each Region has Regional Manager and organise regular meetings, roughly every 6 weeks. The meetings are a great opportunity to meet other referees and to learn from the Guest Speakers. The programme of meetings contributes to your overall Continuous Referee Development, so whilst not compulsory, you are strongly encouraged to get along to as many as possible.

The North Region covers an area roughly from the A1 in the east, the Thames to the south, and the M25 to the north. In the last few years, the North now includes Essex as well.

The South East Region covers an area bounded by the Thames in the north, the M23/A23 in the west and extends to the very northern edges of Kent/Sussex to the south and east.

The South West Region essentially covers the area bounded by M23/A23 in the east, the Thames to the north, the M3 to the west, and Hampshire/Sussex borders to the south.

The West Region includes everything in an area bounded by M3 in the east, the M25 to the south and west, around to the A1 in the north.

In addition to the four regions, we have two “virtual” regions, with members drawn from all 4 physical regions.

Midweek Region provides referees for all rugby played Monday to Friday; the Premier Region provides referees to the upper levels of community rugby, and leading Schools, on Saturdays.

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